Michelin - Starred Street Food: Jay Fai Restaurant

 Raan Jay Fai in Bangkok is a great street food option with a special twist: the owner, Jay Fai, earned a Michelin star for her food! We recently brought a customer's family there and were reminded of how good the food is, especially their signature dish: crab omelette. It was super tasty, really high quality, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside, packed with sweet crab meat, and just all-around really yummy.

Yes, the wait can be on the long side (call-ahead reservations can be made but plan months in advance) and it's not cheap but for the taste and quality and experience, we really love Jay Fai. We'd love to take you there!

ชมวิวเมืองกรุง ณ มหานครสกายวอร์ค


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